Friday, September 22, 2017

Flashback Friday: Have We Made A Mistake??

Sept 1997:
Brief Recap:
We moved into our wonderful new home on 7.5 acres of land in the middle of Morgan County.  We'd met a few neighbors, enrolled K in kindergarten, and looked forward to putting down roots.

Growing  Pains:
We moved into our home and that night received the heartbreaking news Princess Diana had died.  Since we didn't have our TV set up, I made it a priority so I could watch the coverage.  My heart ached for Prince William and Prince Harry, who were only teenagers.

We attended a neighborhood picnic, so we'd get to know our new community, and right away, I noticed something 'off'.  Previously, I'd been the one to immediately make friends, while D felt out of place.  During the gathering, I felt out of my element, while D was thrilled to get to know the men.  Only one woman seemed willing to talk to me.

"Pen That Dog Up!  There Are Leash Laws!"
I grew up in the country, and in a neighborhood where the dogs ran around freely.  So, I allowed Shadow, our friendly Norwegian Elkhound, to run around.  This soon angered two of my neighbors.

P would call me and yell about the dog poop in her yard.  S griped Shadow was 'terrorizing' her horses.  We would find bagged up dog poop thrown over the fence.  We went to town one day and left Shadow outside; we found him later tethered to a tree.  S and D informed us he had been 'licking' their 3-m/o daughter's face.  Ummmm, yeah......that's what dogs do???

I called the sheriff's office and asked about the leash law.  Discovering it only pertained to city limits, I informed P the next time she called.  This did nothing to soothe things over; we reluctantly chained up Shadow, who was confused by the sudden policy change.  And continued to find bags of dog poop.

"Call Before You Come Over!"
My next 'beef' with my new neighbors was over kids' visitation policies.  When I was a kid, we cut through yards, knocked on doors, and asked if our friends could come out and play.  I was upset that the two other kindergartners in the area were in the afternoon class, while mine was in the morning.  As soon as the kids came home in the afternoon, my social-6 y/o was off on his bike to find a playmate.  He was confused by parents upset he hadn't called first.  WTH????

My neighbors across the street had a sitter for their son, who was the same age as my S.  One day she and KK came over; S asked if she could play over there.  The sitter and I agreed, and she had a wonderful time.  I would let S go over in the afternoon, and things seemed to be going fine, but then SK called and told me she wasn't paying her sitter to watch my child, and please limit S's visits.  Again. WTH???  The kids were playing together.  It's not like S was also being fed meals or anything!  S seemed confused by the shift in the rules.

I finally 'kidnapped' the twins K and D for a weekend of no drama and playmates for my kids!

Next Month:  Halloween:)

Present Day:
I'm back home after a week at my mom's:)  Attended two events, and did well at one of them.  Mom and I had a busy week:
M-Young At Heart
T:  Retired Teacher's Lunch
W:  I had b'fast with friend Angie, then we went to Small Group Bible Study.
TH:  Lunch at Christos with Cathy C, then I went to Indy for the Sip-n-Shop event.
Today, Dad brought me home.

So I really didn't do much, other than drive Mom around and keep her company!

Tomorrow, Brooke, Nancy, and I are off to Vanderburgh Co Holiday Bazaar.  Hope we do well!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Crybaby Josh....Really Jury? #BB19

Brief Recap:
The final 3 were set....Paul, Christmas, and Josh........

Finale Begins:
Paul won the endurance comp of holding onto the unicorn's tail.

Christmas and Josh squared off in a timed competition, and Josh only beat Christmas by about 5 minutes.  I think C's injured foot slowed her down.

J and P did the 'how well do you know the jury' comp, and I don't know if P choked, or if he thought maybe it would be better if J made the final elimination, but P lost by 2 points.

Josh contemplated voting out Paul, but as the two men considered jury votes, they realized C might beat both of them.  So at the final elimination vote, J tearfully voted out C.

Dr. Will In The House!
Dr. Will Kirby led the jury discussion.  Everyone agreed J cried and bullied his way to the final, as well as was 'carried' by Paul.

Christmas was 'carried' to the final, yet had an outstanding social game.

Paul skillfully manipulated everyone.

Final Tally:
Co (tie-breaker)-J.

I soooooooooo think Paul was robbed of winning by a 'sour grapes' jury!  The ONLY time Josh won anything was when P convinced everyone to THROW it to him!!!!

America's Favorite Player:
It came down to Cody, Jason, and Kevin.  Winner was Cody.  Again, WTH?????  Jason's wife is expecting!!!

Surprisingly, Jess did NOT show up with another man, and was still aching to be in Cody's arms.

Sigh....this ends the most volitile season I've ever watched.  BB Celebrity Edition takes place this winter; I'm sincerely hoping no one with the initials 'KK' or 'KJ', or even 'B/CJ' end up in the house!  I may not watch......

Oh who am I kidding?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Finally! #BB19

Brief Recap:
Alex was blindsided by Paul, and evicted.  Paul won the HOH comp.

Paul nominated Josh and Kevin.  During the POV competition, the BB 'Time Machine', where the house guests have to remember what incident happened on what day, Kevin was eliminated first, followed by Christmas and Josh.  Paul wins again!

He kept the nominations the same, and Christmas sent Kevin out the door.  FINALLY!

Jury Still Clueless?
Not about who's running the show; they are ALL aware Paul is in control of the house.  But some members still think they're 'puppet masters'.

Got news for you:  The only time a 'puppet master' has been sent to the jury house is when the other guests WAKE UP from their trance and realize what's going on WHILE they're still in the house, and conspire AGAINST the 'PM'!  The only thing Raven, Matt, Alex, and Jason did was do Paul's dirty work!

I hate to say it, but unless the jury puts aside their hurt feelings, Paul is going to find himself in 2nd place again.

Tonight the final HOH competition begins.  Josh vs Christmas vs Paul.  Unless something goes very wrong and Josh wins this and votes out Paul, I see Paul taking Christmas to the end.....on the other hand, if what Kevin told him makes him re-think that, and he takes Josh.....

Find out tonight!

Flashback Friday: Rebelliousness, Phase 2

Sept 1987:
Erica and I moved into our new 'home', 808 Woody Hall.  We then headed to Vincennes to spend the Labor Day weekend.  She to visit her boyfriend D; me to catch up with friend DW, my indiscretion from the previous Halloween.

I soon discovered DW's roommate was the same CS that I'd met last February, the guy on crutches with whom I'd danced all the slow songs at The Bank nightclub.  DW was also dating another girl, Roberta 'Birdy' (can't think of her last name!), whom I'd met briefly last year

Dad had also sold me his Pontiac T-1000, which I dubbed my LRBS (Little Red Bomb Shell).  Being a stick shift, I'd taken a crash course from him in driving it, and did pretty well.

Anyway, Saturday night I sneaked into DW and CS's room in Vigo Hall, and when I woke up the next morning, DW had spent the night with B, while C was in his bed.  I was freezing; C told me he'd warm me up.  Since I did find the man attractive, I did, and we discovered we enjoyed each other's company.

I spent the entire day with him, and we hung out at the George Rogers Clark Memorial and took pictures.

The next day, I was curious about my AF officer, so drove over to L'ville to talk to his mom.  To my surprise, he was back, and I'd just missed him by maybe 10 minutes!  I talked B into returning with me later that evening, and to my surprise, TS was also there!

S and B went to the basement, since S wanted his jacket pressed, and my answer was 'take a hot shower and hang it in the bathroom'.  B offered to iron it, so T and I stayed upstairs and talked.

He shared a highly personal story with me while making a Bloody Mary, and told me I was the best-looking of all of S's past girlfriends.  I looked at him......and fell in love.

But fought it, because he was S's best friend, and I was hoping to pursue a relationship with CS.

Hindsight 20/20
If I could do it all over again, I'd have never given up on that moment.  Because, I found out later that CS had been pursuing B's sister, and I was stupid enough to let him decide between us, something I'd done the previous year with disastrous results.  Did I learn NOTHING from history?

Remember JF, the guy who'd broken up with me in February?  I discovered he'd married T, and while CS, DW, B, and I were out to lunch, we ran into them.  I thought I could play it cool, but soon found the damnedest things coming out of my mouth, and thankfully I'd said them quietly enough they weren't heard.  I had to stop myself several times; why was I jealous?  It was the anger finally manifesting itself.

Member Of SPU On U!
When I was packing the car to return to BSU, C's RA came up to me; they needed two more people for the Tube Race, and would I be interested?  Sure; I'd use another friend's room number.  B also agreed, so I now had the following weekend planned.

I had an unusual schedule:  I only attended class T-Th-F, which meant I could head to VU by 1pm on Friday, and not have to return until Monday.  The weekend of the Tube Race, we had a great time, placing 22nd out of 33.  Whoever put our raft together didn't do that great of job.  Thankfully, the weather was nice and warm.

Apparently it was this weekend I met my future hubby, but I have no memory of meeting him.

Next Month:  I Meet My Future Hubby, Plus Confuse The Hell Out Of My Parents.

Present Day:
I'm heading up to Lafayette today!  Going to be at the Eminence Harvest Festival tomorrow, then hope to spend a relaxing week with the 'rents, de-cluttering more of Mom's house, and seeing a few friends.  I'd also like to get 2 inches removed from my hair.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Another Blindside! #BB19

Brief Recap:  
Josh won HOH and nominated Kevin and Alex.

The BB classic where house guests hang on a zip line and try to remember what order the BB comics are in, plus discern subtle differences in some of the pictures.

Christmas was not eligible to play, due to her foot.
Kevin:  Tapped out at 45 minute mark.  His color blindness was too bad.
Josh:  24 mins
Alex:  14 minutes
Paul:  12 minutes!

He sat down with Alex and told her she was going home, and laid out his arguments.  She was not convinced he's doing it for game; she thinks he's doing it for selfish reasons, and that she would have played honorably, and taken him to the finals, had she gotten that far.

I personally would have loved to see a Paul/Alex/Christmas Final 3, but it looks as if it's going to be Paul/Josh/Christmas, unless something goes horribly wrong.

Split Votes?
C voted for Alex
P voted for Kevin
Josh broke the tie and sent Alex out the door.
Paul still has no blood on his hands, but he's manipulated EVERYONE since the Josh/Ramses vote.

New HOH!
Paul won the 'What the Bleep?' competition by 3 points in the 5th round, ensuring his ticket to the finale.  I predict he'll put up Josh and Kevin, and Kevin will be sent packing.  The final 3 then begin the battle for the final HOH.  Yes, P is allowed to compete in this final one.

We'll find out tonight if I'm right.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Josh Found His Spine! #BB19

Brief Recap:
Double-elimination happened!  Christmas sent Jason out the door in a tie-breaker; Alex won the HOH and nominated Kevin and Raven; Raven was sent home.  New HOH was played; we THINK Josh won.

Rumor Confirmed:
Josh did indeed win, but only because Paul and Kevin threw it to him.....after Kevin initially tried to win.

Emotionally, Josh was all over the place this episode.  He wondered if this was his chance to take a shot at Paul, but nominated Kevin and Alex.  HOWEVER....we think, by watching BBAD, that Kevin has possibly won the POV, which means either Paul of Christmas would be put up in his place. I'm betting Paul goes up.

But, I watched the last half hour of last night's BBAD, and now I'm wondering if Paul won the POV?  K and Josh were talking about the challenge, and K says he took the longest, due to his color-blindness. So????

D's going to stay up tonight and watch BBAD.  He'll let me know if any more info is mentioned.

There are pros and cons to having a spouse hooked on your favorite Guilty the one hand, he doesn't gripe anymore about me watching it.  Plus, he watches the after-show, and lets me know about his suspicions.  On the other hand, I've now watched more BBAD than I've EVER wanted to watch!

Hurricane Irma Watch:
Irma came ashore in the Keys, and went up the west coast of Florida.  Came ashore again on Marco Island, west of Naples.  My Uncle Bill decided to stay, as did my Uncle Ed and Aunt Judy in Ft. Myers.

Will is holed up in his girlfriend's apartment, and "has plenty of beer', according to family reports.

Guess that's all you need for a Cat 4 hurricane; plenty of alcohol.

Irma came ashore as a Cat 4, was downgraded to Cat 3 in Naples, and by the time she was terrorizing Bradenton, Cat 2.

Hurricane Harvey:
Don't think I mentioned this one; Harvey hit Texas 2 weeks ago and 'drowned' Houston with 51 inches of rainfall.  The joke:

"What do you get when you name a hurricane after a man?"

"A storm that wanders all over the place, doesn't ask directions, and causes a lot of damage!"

Friday, September 8, 2017

Flashback Friday: Head Slap Moment

Sept 1977:
Another 6th grade development:  New principal, Mr. Price.  Goodbye, Mr. Kendall.  Also, new PE Teacher, Mr. Z (can't remember his last name; we just called him Mr. Z....and boy was he cute!).

I had an embarrassing moment:  We were picking holiday committees, and I had already decided I wanted to be on the Christmas party one, but my name was called first, and my brain locked up!  For whatever reason, I got confused and thought she wanted me to PICK the people I wanted on the committee, but Mrs. Light grew angry with my confusion and wadded up my name and threw it away, saying, "Make up your minds about which party you want to plan."  She moved onto someone else, leaving me on the verge of tears and positive everyone was making fun of me.

Our School Pictures that year had a new background, bookshelves:)

Granddaddy fell ill and had to have surgery.  He had a heart attack while in the hospital, and Grandma and Grandpa Grauel flew home to be with him and Great-Grandma Geis.  He passed away Sept 30th, much to everyone's shock.

I was devastated.  This was only the 2nd family member I'd lost in the past year (Mom Katzenberger had passed several months earlier, but we only saw her maybe once a year), and while I wasn't particularly close to him, I do have fond memories of him.

He was pretty gruff, hard of hearing, and smoked cigars.  Probably the reason I was slightly afraid of him; my voice was small, and he couldn't hear me.  He'd say to us, "Twooooo minutes!  Twooooo minutes, and I get the yardstick!"

My sister wasn't afraid of him, and spent one afternoon snapping a purse closed in his face; he played along and acted surprised and shaking his finger at her while she shrieked with laughter.  I never had the guts to do anything like that.

Next Month:  Funeral and Fun in PE!

Present Day:
We've been doing some more work on the green house!  Moved 2 stoves out of the front room, and shuffled things around.  Emptied the room off the bathroom/patio, and pulled out a warped headboard; metal head/footboard; shelving; BBQ pit; and several 45 records, including 4 Frank Sinatra, 2 Della Reece, Fats Domino, and one Ray Charles:)  Hopefully they're not TOO damaged; I'm hoping to try them when my stereo is hooked up.

Did well last night, even leaving my phone in the bathroom.  Didn't notice it until I was 6 blocks from home.....needless to say, I got my exercise last night!

Not Gonna Be the One-ONJ
Nothing Compares 2U-Sinead O'Connor
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You-Glenn Medeiros
November Rain-G-N-R
Nothing But A Good Time-Poison (with Bill!)