Friday, May 25, 2018

Flashback Friday: A Month Of Issues

May 2008:
The month really had its ups and downs.

Car Issues:
I had convinced an online friend to set up with me in Ft. Wayne, only I wasn't able to make it last minute.  My oldest had driven the van the night before, and the transmission went out.  A friend offered to drive, but in the morning, reported they'd apparently hit something, damaging their tire, and no spare.  It was noon before it was fixed, meaning my 4 hour trip was off.  My friend was none too happy with me, and neither was the bookstore manager, which sent me into a two-day depression.

Family News
My youngling had a wonderful year at Head Start, and was looking forward to next year:)  Daughter found a puppy, and fortunately the owners took it back the following day:)  D still hadn't been called by the Hall, but we had a good anniversary dinner at Applebee's.  My sister and family arrived; we took the little ones to Holiday World and had a wonderful time.  Scott Dixon won the 500, and my BIL enjoyed the race.  Daughter baby-sat the niece, and afterward, all three kids enjoyed playing together.

Publishing Woes:
Received constructive criticism on what is now known as Balancing Act, and was surprised to learn I was actually writing Women's Fiction, instead of Romance.  Forbidden Love made it to Round #2 of a contest, but didn't make it to the finals.

Computer Issues:
Computer threw a fit, causing me to become acquainted with the university's Computer area at the library.  Since I couldn't depend on email from a good friend, I called, only to be snappishly told (at 7:30 pm!), "Some people work for a living!"  Yes, it stung.  It would be another month before we reconnected.

Next Month:  Computer and Friend Issues.

Present Day:
Getting ready for this weekend!  Stepdaughter J and grandkids arrive today, plus I'm putting some of the brown house items in the yard for an impromptu yard sale.  Hoping most of it sells.  Tomorrow, I'm setting up at the Opening Day of the Farmer's Market, then going to Rendezvous for my annual Buffalo Burger 'fix', plus to say hi to my SIL and BIL before packing my suitcase and heading north.  Sunday is the 500, and we have a 'full house' in our box, with me and Dad; my uncle and cousin, along with four of their friends, and one of my dad's former employees, his wife, their son, and son's girlfriend.  I actually like it better when there's an empty seat or two, since it means we can spread out a little, but oh well....there's a rumor two aren't going to show up.

Or maybe we'll get lucky and the people in front of us will leave after the race begins again???

I know; wishful thinking.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Flashback Friday: Pee-Wee Baseball! Let The Games Begin.....

May 1998:
Games began, and our boys slowly began to figure out how to play their positions.  K was mainly in the outfield, though he began as a catcher.  We joked about our 'blind' catcher, who also thought it was his job to call strikes and balls, lol.  The umpire set him straight, but after it became apparent he was having problems catching, coach moved him to outfield, and AA, his BFF, became our (better!) catcher.

I also quickly realized our neighborhood was NOT an accurate cross-section of the community, as I got to know more people who lived 'in town'.  I did, however, become friendly with two other members in our subdivision.

K finished kindergarten and when we attended the end-of-the-year banquet, I was astonished to learn he was friendly with a few senior girls!  Turned out, he'd met them in the hallway during 'Special' classes....Library, Music, PE, Art, and Computer Lab.

Indy 500 Winner:  Eddie Cheever.  I spent a wonderful day with my 1st golf outing, successfully hitting the ball (and promptly losing it!), but also proving I could putt:)  Drove to Indianapolis and spent Saturday night with friends who lived in Coppertree Apartments, within a five minute walk to the track. Unfortunately, those friends moved the following year.  Still, it was awesome a) not to have to walk a mile and b) not having to fight the traffic!

Next Month:  Baseball Drama....

Present Day:
I'm currently at my mom's, for a whirlwind de-clutter mission.  In all fairness, I've not done a great deal, other than to put her Easter decorations away, take her to a hair appointment, and do some other little things, but she assures me she appreciates it.  I leave tomorrow, but will be back next weekend for Memorial Weekend, and to attend the 500.

I'm also setting up at next Sat's Farmer's Market, AND holding a yard sale, in order to get rid of some items out of the brown house.  J and the kids are coming down to help.  What I don't get rid of next week will be taken to the Community Yard Sale next month, or simply donated.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Flashback Friday: 1988 Indy 500!

May 1988:
I was thrilled beyond belief when friend CS informed me he'd joined the Safety Patrol Crew at the Indianapolis 500, and could get me into the Pits during Carburation Day, as well as the Miller Beer tent.  The only hitch:  We had to wear jeans and long sleeves while in the pits.

It was a scorching day, but I donned my jeans over my shorts and threw on a long-sleeved Oxford over my tank top.  Got some good shots of various drivers, including an iconic picture of Rick Mears, Danny Sullivan, and Roger Penske (whom I liked back then.  Can't stand him now.) sitting on the wall.  Got Danny's autograph, as well as Stan Fox's.  I was disappointed I didn't get to meet Kevin Cogan, or even see his car, but I DID get to see his garage!

After leaving the pits, I shocked an elderly Safety Patrol gentleman manning the parking area.  As soon as we passed him, I took my arms out of my Oxford shirt and started unfastening my jeans.  I'd just begun sliding them down when I heard him shouting, "Oh, uh, wait...wait!"  I didn't care; I continued until the hot garment was past my knees, then turned around.

"Oh, okay.....just checking."  He wiped his face and waved at me.  CS and DB exploded with laughter!

"I think you nearly gave him a heart attack!  Thank god you had on shorts," CS chuckled.

We went through the museum, and CS revealed he'd left the tickets to the Miller party at home on his dresser.  We would NOT get to hobnob with the drivers, after all.  So instead of calling into work, I drove DB back to his house, changed into my uniform, and went to work.

Finals went well, and since EY and I were going to attend the 1st summer session, we stored our stuff at DB's house.  DB's mom agreed to let me stay at her house while I waited for school to begin.

DB went to the race with us that year, and Rick Mears won for the 4th time. 

Next Month:  Heat Wave at the Country Club

Present Day:
I had a rare 'off' night at karaoke last night.  Bombed on both Whole Lotta Shaking Going On and Nasty.  Instead of singing my scheduled 3rd song, I told Brower to put me in for Who Knew, in order to redeem myself.

This weekend, we'll be hauling the final items out of our storage unit, and put that $80 rent back in our budget.

Spring has finally 'sprung'; the temps have been steadily rising from the 60s to the 70s, and now into the 80s.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Flashback Friday: 6th Grade Graduation!

May 1978:
I remember doing Geneology reports and irritating my mother by waiting until the last minute.  BS'd my way through mine.

At our Girl Scout Fly Up Ceremony, the sixth grade girls sang On My Honor, with two at a time singing the verses.  It was the 1st time I'd ever been in front of the microphone, and rather liked it:)

We got to spend a few hours at Southwestern Junior High, shadowing a 7th grader.  I don't remember the girl I shadowed, but experience a Science class and a Math class.

At our final choir performance/6th grade graduation, it was revealed that my horrible 4th grade teacher, Mrs. V, was retiring.  I was thrilled; she should have retired 3 years earlier, but put on the sad face like the others.

Happy summer vacation!!!!

Next Month:  Colorado trip!!!

Present Day:
Weather permitting, I'll be setting up at the 1st Friday Art Walk tonight.  Hoping to sell at least 3-5 books:)

Yesterday, we celebrated 27 years of marriage; it rained, so spent a quiet day at home, then met my College Kid and his g/f at the Hibachi Buffet.  I had a choice; roll anniversary and Mother's Day into one meal, or go cheap for one.  I opted for cheap last night, and want our Mexican restaurant for Mother's Day!

Have A Great Weekend!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

May Goals

Is it just me, or did April seem to drag?  Anyway, how did I do on my goals last month?  Eh, pretty bad.....
Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song Nope; didn't even open it
Lose 5 pounds (242...I'm going the wrong way!) Lost one pound, so yay me!  This after packing on 5 more, so mission SORT of accomplished, ha ha!
Watch SE7 Game of Thrones  Tried; disc wouldn't load.
Watch SE2 Stranger Things on NetFlix Watched Ep 2.
Convince family to pay for 2019 trip to Washington DC (need to sign up by end of month) Child decided 'no'.  Damn it.....
Buy inventory of Arbor U 1-6  Proof copies, check:)
Good sales at Kentucky Author's Fair  Sold 4:)
Good sales at Dale signing  Sold 1:)
Finish cleaning out magazines and back room of brown house Temporarily halted while we empty our storage unit.  DID finally haul 3 boxes of mags to the recycle place!
Finish cleaning out green house Nope
Dispose of junked appliances Nope
Contact Helping His Hands or Habitat Restore about doors/windows/carpet HHH, check:)

Health:  Finally went to Orthopedic Dr about pain in my right thigh and back.  Diagnosis:  Possible bursitis and pinched nerve.  MRI was scheduled then cancelled, due to insurance only paying for MRI if I'd been injured in an accident.  Guess standing for 9 hours didn't qualify.  Hoping one week of steroids helps the hip.  At least I can still function....pain is more of a nuisance anyway.

Books Read: 10 
            Print:  7
        E-book:  3
             DNF:  2, but moved farther down the pile to try again.

Karaoke Songs Added:  8  (had a couple re-sings and was only home the 2nd half of month)
                            Thurs:  2
                                Sat:  6

May Goals:
-Put food in house and try riced cauliflower Riced cauliflower is GOOD!  Mashed, bleh.
-Enjoy anniversary and Mother's Day Anniversary...check:)
-Set up at 1st Friday  Check:)  Sold 8!
-Empty storage unit, putting $80 back in budget  5/11:  Nearly done!  5/15:  Check:)  All done!
-Lose 5 pounds (5/4:  241)  5/12:  238!
-Dispose of junked appliances
-Continue getting rid of mags in Brown house
-Find 'home' for sinks, windows, and doors in both Green and Brown houses
-Get Green House On City List For Demolition!!!
-Begin buying AU inventory
-Start Ch. 6 of Heart Song
-Continue work on new short story swirling around in head  Check:)  5/15:  Added 2202 words:)
-Watch SE 2 Stranger Things  Check:)  Now for 'Beyond Stranger Things'!
-Do well at Farmer's Market
-Enjoy Indy 500
-Survive the month with various kids' activities/appointments

May Reading Schedule:
Born Into Trouble-Maralisa DeMora  Found this tedious.  I get it; addicts relapse.  But every other chapter?
Drifting Sands-C.J. Baty  Is it bad when you know who the killer is by Chapter 5?  Skimmed to the end.
Rebirth-Amy Brock McNew DNF.  Just wasn't holding my attention.
Loving Marie- L.A. Remenicky Cute short!
Rebound Baby, Too-Tobi Doyle Enjoyable:)
Rebound Babies-Tobi Doyle/Rebecca Barray  Really loved Mel and Mike's relationship!
Leaving Time-Jodi Picoult  LOVED this!  Did NOT see that twist coming:)  DRR
America's First Daughter-Stephanie Dray/Laura Kamoie
The Hamilton Affair-Elizabeth Cobbs
Springtime In London-Jen Selinsky

The Cradle Maker-Sandra Sookoo Enjoyed this:)
Cowboy Dreamin'-Sandy Sullivan
     -Make Mine A Cowboy  Very enjoyable!
     -Healing A Cowboy's Heart  Very good!
     -For The Love of a Cowboy
     -Tempted By The Cowboy
     -Forever Kind Of Cowboy
     -Kiss Me Cowboy
     -Cowboy and A Country Song
     -A Cowboy of My Own
     -A Cowboy's Promise
Drive Me Crazy-Mysti Parker
Big Bad Wolf-Elle Doolittle
Wheeler-Sara Butler

Karaoke Songs:
Whole Lotta Trouble-Stevie Nicks DNH
Modern Girl-Sheena Easton Slightly screechy in places, but not too bad.
Angel Of The Morning-Juice Newton Something weird was going on with my voice, but nailed it.
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On-Jerry Lee Lewis Bleh...
Nasty-Janet Jackson  Bleh....only part I got right was at the end!  'Who's that thinkin' nasty thoughts?'

Who'll Stop The Rain-CCR
Who's Crying Now-Journey

Photograph-Ed Sheeran Warbled my way through it....
Piano Man-Billy Joel  Little low at the beginning, but the rest went well:)
Picture-Kid Rock/Sheryl Crowe  Sang this with Chewie; we nailed it!
Pilot of the Airwaves-Charlie Dore  SO happy Mark had this!  Love it, and did well:)

Pinball Wizard-The Who  Fairly good:)
Pink Cadillac-Bruce Springsteen  Was told it was good:)
Pink Houses-John Cougar Did well:)
Play That Funky Music-Wild Cherry Proved to be the most enjoyable song of the night!

Play Me-Neil Diamond Thought it was too low, but others liked it, so will re-sing and record:)
Play The Game Tonight-Kansas  Did very well!  Will re-sing and record:)
Please Come To Boston-David Loggins  Ugh....waaaay too low.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Flashback Friday: Catching Up

I've been a bad blogger this month, with helping the parents, a book signing, a conference, and the nice weather!  This week we managed to empty the side room of our brown house, scrape up the decaying carpet, and start unloading our storage unit.  So far, we've hauled 4 truckloads of boxes, full of memories.  I've only glanced through a few; I'll get around to actually emptying them on the rainy days, or when we're finished, or just whenever I decide IT'S TIME.

So with that, here's my Flashback Catch Up.

April 1988:
I went down to spend the weekend with DB, and got sick.  Ended up scaring my parents and EY, since they didn't know where I was.  When I got home, the riot act was read; apparently during Spring Break, I'd spent so much time on the phone, I'd racked up a $500 phone bill, which my father expected me to repay.

I'd applied for a job at the Anderson Country Club, and they finally called me in for an interview, and hired me.  For the most part, I enjoyed it; at first, I only worked banquets, and was able to meet Johnny Parsons Jr at the first one.  Two days later, I trained in the Porch area, our Casual Dining, and got to meet the golfers, whom I'd get to know by their drinks, much later that year.  Still, it was a paycheck, and I sent home money every week, to start chipping away at that phone bill.

Decided to attend both summer sessions, so I could graduate the following year.  Since DB lived in Anderson, this meant I'd get to see him whenever I wasn't in school or working.

K received a flyer to play Little League baseball, so we signed him up:)  Practice would start the next month.  Tax refund arrived.

Baseball practice began, and it was a cold, rainy month whenever our practices were scheduled.  Met more people from the town of Eminence, and got to know CO and her hubby better.

Enjoyed my signings at VU and Purdue, and was even able to spend two hours with T, who was seeing a girl from E'ville.  She texted him while I was there, and I joked about letting him know his 'call girl' had arrived.  With a smile, he tapped his phone and put it away. 

"That ought to keep her quiet for a while."

He refused to tell me what he typed!  But we had a good visit, catching up and reminiscing before I had to get home.

Next Month:  (88) Finals; (98) Baseball games begin and Kdgn 'graduation'; (08) Waiting For The Phone Call

Present Day:
As I stated above, I'm hard at work on cleaning out our storage unit and getting rid of things I've not needed for 11 years.

Also, Books 1-6 of Arbor U are now in PRINT!!!!  Whoo hoo!  Showed them off at the Independent Author's Fair two weeks ago.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

April 2018

March was a strange month; I was only around the first two weeks, then returned for the weekend!  
Update On Dad: 
Thought his lifting restriction was going to be the same as his driving restriction, 1 week.  Nope; he's not allowed to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for a month!  So my time at home again this month will only be the last two weeks!

So How Did I Do On March's Goals?
Lose the 5 pounds I put on last month (241)  Nope; put on 1 lb.  Grrrrr......
Buy copies of Teacher's Pet and Winning Her Heart (need 5 more copies of each) Check:)
Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song  Nope
Finish paying Val $25 Check:)
Pay Cynthia for AU covers ($60) Check:)
Watch SE7 Game of Thrones Nope; too busy
Watch SE2 Stranger Things on NetFlix Nope; too busy
Be helpful when Dad has his knee surgery on the 14th  Check:)
Spend an enjoyable day in Nashville, TN at Weekend with Authors  Check:)
Spend an enjoyable day at WanderLust Indy  Check:)
Convince family to pay for 2019 trip to Washington DC Maybe???
Figure out what to do for Holy Week/Easter. Check:)

Books Read:  4
           Print:  1
       E-Book:  3

Karaoke Songs Added:  10
                            Thurs:  5
                                 Sat:  5

Inventory Ordered?  Yes:)

April Goals:
Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song
Lose 5 pounds (242...I'm going the wrong way!)
Watch SE7 Game of Thrones
Watch SE2 Stranger Things on NetFlix
Convince family to pay for 2019 trip to Washington DC (need to sign up by end of month)
Buy inventory of Arbor U 1-6  Proof copies, check:)
Good sales at Kentucky Author's Fair  Sold 4:)
Good sales at Dale signing  Sold 1:)
Finish cleaning out magazines and back room of brown house
Finish cleaning out green house
Dispose of junked appliances
Contact Helping His Hands or Habitat Restore about doors/windows/carpet HHH, check:)

Reading Schedule:
Beguiled On A Christmas Morning-Sandra Sookoo  Good story!
The Night Circus-Erin Morgenstern  Excellent story!!  Was hooked by page 2:)  DRR
The Party-Robyn Harding  Excellent!  DRR
Fiction Sample-Alianne Donnelly  DNF.....moved it down the stack to try again next month or so.
Change of Heart-Jodi Picoult Turns out I've already read this, but enjoyed the re-read:)
Starwalker-P. Jameson  Very good!  Left me hanging....who is Helix D??? I'm suspecting Ulna....
Legally Bound-J.R. Gray  DNF; will move it farther down the pile and continue later.
Satan's Press Secretary-Tobi Doyle/Rebecca Barray  Very fun short read!  Enjoyed both stories!
Jake Lawrence-Jean Joachim  DRR!!!  Am loving this series!

The Guardian Angel of FarFlung Station-Edward Hoonaert  Very good:)
Perfect Stranger-Morgan Kay  Good!
Southern Roads-Robin Michaela  Excellent!  DRR

Karaoke Songs:
Who Knew-Pink (re-sing)  Used wrong mic, but nailed it!
My Guy-Mary Wells Did well:)
Who Says You Can't Go Home-Bon Jovi  Nailed it:)
Blaze of Glory-Bon Jovi  Did well until the ending....note to self:  Practice former songs!!!

*was only able to sing two songs each week; was gone the 1st two weeks of the month.*

Penny Lane-Beatles  Not too bad:)
Paradise By The Dashboard Light-Meat Loaf (re-sing)  Nailed it!
People Are People-Depeche Mode  Ugh...too low!
Perfect-Pink  DNH
Perfect World-Huey Lewis Need practice???
Perform This Way-Weird Al DNH
Personal Jesus-Depeche Mode  Surprisingly good!

Photograph-Ed Sheerhan Not transferred to new system yet, surprisingly!  Will attempt next month.
Photograph-Def Leopard  Surprisingly, I did NOT clear the bar with this!  Managed to warble my way through it.
Photograph-Nickleback  Nailed it:)
Photograph-Ringo Starr DNH
Philidelphia Freedom-Elton John 1st time:  Flubbed a few lines and camera batteries died. 2nd time:  Nailed it:)
Physical-Olivia Newton-John  Did okay on it; think I was in the wrong key.

Huge congrats to the 2018 NCAA Champs, Villanova!  Defeated Michigan 79-62!!!!