Friday, December 9, 2016

Flashback Friday: I'm A Bad Blogger!

Since my return from the Indianapolis Christmas Toy and Hobby Show, I've been busy with moving mountains of boxes into our new home and unpacking them as fast as I can!  I didn't even open my laptop for three weeks, ugh!  (Thankfully, only had 418 emails in my inbox, so it only took me 45 mins to wade through them!)

I'm going to attempt to catch up on these FFs....think I left off with Nov 1996.

Nov 1996:  
I had talked EY (now ES, lol!) and KC into attending our VU Homecoming celebrations the year before (forgot to mention that!), and we'd had such a good time attending the basketball game and enjoying the dance, that KC and I decided to do it again.  Her boyfriend V accompanied us, and we did enjoy the game, but the dance was rather a bust, so we went to CW Dandy's.  During the Electric Slide, KC was accidentally shoved, so she left, and I ended up having a guy try to pick me up.  He couldn't dance it well, though, and I tucked that incident away for use in a future story!

We spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws, and put up their decorations.

I think this was also the month I finally got my tube put into my right ear, which was a painful process until the nurse clamped my head still!

Nov 2006:
I spent the entire month packing up Grandma H's breakables so little W wouldn't break any.  We also went rearranged furniture, gave away some, and moved ours into the house.  For Thanksgiving, our friends in Bicknell invited us over.  I took Bacon-Tomato cups.

Dec 1976:
Went Christmas shopping with Mom at Sears on the Levee; W and I are both doing 'The Fonz' (thumbs up) in the picture.  For my 11th birthday, my Uncle Bill and his new g/f Karen came, along with her son Joe.

For Christmas Eve services, I wore a quilted red skirt, and the next day both my sis and I received costumes:  Mine was a ballet tutu, while W received a bride costume.  W also received an Ernie puppet (from Sesame Street).  I'm wearing red PJs with feet in them.  We had Christmas dinner at Grandma and Grandpa G's on Medford St, then visited with mom's friends the Groustra's.  Enjoyed seeing Peter, Tim, and Vicki again.

We saw several movies over Christmas Break:  Silver Streak (Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Jill Clayburgh), King Kong (with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges), and Candleshoe (Jodie Foster).  Also saw the trailer for a new movie coming out, called Star Wars, but didn't have any desire to go see it.

Dec 1986 (Pt. 1):
After a month of moping around and playing 'will he or won't he' be mine with the AF officer, and hearing how miserable JF was without me, I finally gave into pressure the day I received my graduation notice.  I called JF, fully prepared to simply leave the 'I'm going to graduate after all' message on his machine, but he picked up.  After he congratulated me, an awkward silence followed.  He told me A had mentioned I was miserable; I laughed and said I'd heard the same about him.  Another awkward pause, then he asked if I wanted to go get some ice cream, and I said sure.

He picked me up and before we'd even left the lobby, we'd shared a kiss, a hug, and the 'Oh god, I've missed you so...' conversation.  We went through the drive-through at DQ, then finished our reunion at his place.

My graduation day, my parents, Granny and Grandpa M and Aunt Julie arrived for the ceremony and an impromptu birthday party.  Dad had driven down the Pontiac T-1000 that W drove, so I could come home when finished, and he wouldn't have to make another trip.  I was thrilled; I finally had wheels for the next week, and wouldn't have to borrow a vehicle to get to JF's!

Since my birthday fell on a Friday, and I knew we were flying to Florida the following day, JF and I spent as much time as possible together.  He took me out on the 17th for a special meal, and we decided to try the long-distance thing.  After he left for work on the 18th, I spent the entire day cleaning his trailer from top to bottom, plus I made him a cake and left a loving note on the table.  EY, BJG, KC, and I then left for dinner in Evansville, and to drive around looking at lights and trying to cheer me up, since the thought of leaving him after reconnecting again so soon was depressing.  We had a moment of hilarity:  We went up a narrow street to see where it led, and it turned out to be someone's driveway, and they were throwing a party!  We turned around and did it again; the 3rd time, someone actually opened the door, so we moved on, lol!

When we returned, I called JF and found out I'd managed to reduce him to tears with my actions and note.  With tears in my eyes, I told him, "Ask me to stay and I will...", but he said he could not afford to put me through Ball State.  I told him I wasn't asking him to, but he told me to 'stick with the plan' and we'd see how we felt about each other in 1988.

I think I cried myself to sleep.

The following day, I tearfully packed up my belongings and officially checked out of room 138 Emison Hall.  BJG didn't make things any easier by playing Michael W. Smith's 'Friends' over and over.  I finally drove off, and Mom fixed me a rather watery strawberry dacquari for my 21st birthday, since we would have to get up early and get to the airport.

Next Week:  1986 Pt 2.

Present Day:
I've got nearly everything unpacked:)  We bought at 7.5' tree and decorated it, plus today began decorating the rest of the porch and inside.  The dryer was hooked up on Monday, so we've begun fully living here now.  All that remains is the kitchen table and chairs, a few odds and ends in the living room, and some more stuff in the basement.

Kyle's birthday last night went well; his g/f Alicia came up and we'd bought K a 1.75 lb T-bone while the rest of us had teriyaki and peppercorn pork loin.

No 'roke last night, and I've bombed the last few times.  Hopefully tomorrow I won't sound too bad.  I'll be singing the following songs tomorrow:

Love Me Do-Beatles
Love Is Strange-Mickey/Sylvia
Love Me Like You Do-Elle Goulding
Love of a Lifetime-Firehouse

Weather-wise, the cold has arrived!  After weeks of high 40s, we've now dipped into the 20s.  BRRRR!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December Reading Schedule

As expected, I spent most of November moving into our new house.....
-Move completely into new house  Almost....still have stuff in basement
-Thoroughly scrub down old house  Still working on it....
-Have a good Women's Retreat  Check:)
-Do well at Indpls Christmas Toy and Hobby Show  Sold 22:)  VERY Happy with that total!!
-Pay B  Not yet...
-Start making payments for cover artist and editors for Kira and Heart Song  Not yet
-Finish Ghost Story  Not yet
-Mail Secret Project #1  Not yet

Books Read:  Made it halfway through one.....
NetFlix Movies:  Watched Season 1 of The Crown and started on Gilmore Girls reboot.

Health:  Thyroid is stable, plus went to dentist and have NO cavities!  I am showing early gum disease, so treatment begins in Jan....along with my cataract surgery.  Ugh.

Songs Added To Good List:  7
                                    Thurs:  4
                                         Sat:  3

December Goals:
-Finish moving into new house/organize furniture
-Scrub down old house and turn over keys
-Bake cookies
-Celebrate both K and mine b-days
-Decorate new house
-Buy Christmas presents/wrap them
-Send Christmas cards/Write holiday newsletter

Reading Schedule:
Serpent's Shadow-Rick Riordan (2nd half)
Swift as the Wind-N.E. Riggs  LOVED it!!  
Tomb of the Moon-N.E. Riggs
No Easy Day-Mark Owen

All That Remains-SM Shade (Finish Bk #2 and read Bk #3)
Betrayal-Aleatha Rom

We Belong-Pat Benetar  Nailed it!
Freedom-Wham  Did well:)

We Can Work It Out-Beatles
Freedom '90-George Michael/From This Moment-Shania Twain
We Didn't Start The fire-Billy Joel

We've Got Tonight-Kenny Rogers/Sheena Easton
Friends and Lovers-Gloria Loring/Carl Anderson/ From This Moment-Shania Twain
What Do You Say-Reba McEntire

What Kind Of Fool-Barbara Streisand/Barry Gibb
Hard To Say I'm Sorry-Chicago
What Part of No-Lorrie Morgan

Love Me Do-Beatles
Love Is Strange-Mickey/Sylvia
Love Me Like You Do-Elle Goulding
Love of a Lifetime-Firehouse

Love Potion #9-The Clovers
Love Runs Out-One Republic
Love Shack-B-52s
Love Somebody-Rick Springfield

Love Stinks-J. Geils Band
Love Story-Taylor Swift
Love The One You're With-Crosby Stills and Nash
Love The Way You Lie-Rhianna/Eminem

Love Will Keep Us Together-Captain and Tenille
Love Will Never Do Without You-Janet Jackson
Love's A Hard Game To Play-Stevie Nicks
Loverboy-Billy Ocean
Lovergirl-Teena Marie

Friday, November 18, 2016

Flashback Friday: Catching Up....

I've been very busy the past two weeks, first at a Women's Retreat, then at the Indianapolis Gift and Hobby Show. Sold 22 books at the IGAHS and had a wonderful time staying with my SIL:)

Nov 1976:
I think we went 'Black Friday' shopping at Sears, when it was still on the Levee; there's a picture of my sister and I doing 'The Fonz' in the parking lot.  I'm assuming we did Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house in Indianapolis.

Nov 1986:
Brief recap:  JF and I had broken up, due to my stupidity, AND the AF Officer apologized for his behavior and wanted me back.  However, I thought he needed to be taught a lesson and refused, in order to see how he planned to win me back.

A mutual friend of ours was in my Marriage and Family class; in fact, JF and I were both taking that class, me on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning; he once a week at night.  Anyway, Annie learned of the breakup and began trying to get us back together.  She'd tell me how miserable he looked/acted/felt w/o me, and I'm sure she relayed my own misery back to him.

I began to pull away from my roommates, and even moved all my stuff to the other side of the room.  I know this followed a fight over the choices I was making, but can't remember specifics.  My detailed diary of this period of my life is gone, so I don't even have anything to reference other than my memory.

We spent Thanksgiving at home, and late at night, I called the AF officer and told him if he was serious, after all the late-night phone calls and letters, and wanted me back, we'd try it a 5th time.  That conversation left me rolling my eyes, since he was very non-committal.  I hung up the phone and went to bed, resolving to finish my final 3 weeks at VU; go through graduation; and hope and pray my application to Ball State was approved.

Next Month:  A very tearful farewell.

Present Day:
This weekend is Moving Day!  Our wifi and Dish will be installed, so it's time to load up all the furniture and fully move in at the new place, then spend the next two weeks giving our old house a thorough cleaning.

The Powers That Be moved our Christmas Stroll to the 1st weekend in December!

I was VERY happy with the outcome of the election, and hope that the other candidate finally 'gets' it; they've lied one too many times, and I hope she gets what she deserves.  The only thing which alarms me is the possibility of R-V-W being overturned.  I do NOT want that!  If that happens, then women go back to the butchering of pre-1970.  Keep women safe, for those who choose this decision!

In other good news, friend BJG's cancer is in remission!!!!!!

Hope you have a very happy and SAFE Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Reading List

How did I do in October?
-Thoroughly clean the new house and get it ready for our 'stuff'
  -Kitchen  Check:)
  -Dining room  Check:)
  -Living room  Check:)
     -Kids  Check:)
     -Ours  Still needs cabinet painted; shower curtain; new curtains
     -Girls  Check:)
     -Boys  Check:)
     -Ours  Still need to clean carpet
-Basement  We now have hot water!!
-Begin moving heavy furniture over  Some has made it over....
-Empty storage unit  Not even close
-Do well at Imaginarium  Sold 1, but attended a workshop which was GOLD!
-Do well at Author Fair on the 15th  Cancelled
-Pay B  Nope
-Pay for OA  Check:)
-Make payments to both editor and cover artist  Nope
-Finish Ghost Story  Nope
-Finish paying for Christmas Toy and Hobby Show  Check!
-Order inventory for Christmas Show  Check:)
-Complete Secret Project #1  Going to cost $100 to mail, so tabled until Nov.

Books Read:  2, both print.

How's The Health?
Lost at least another pound, though I might have put it back on during Halloween...

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  13  
                                                 Thurs:      6
                                                    Sat:        7

November Goals:
-Move completely into new house  Almost....still have stuff in basement
-Thoroughly scrub down old house  Still working on it....
-Have a good Women's Retreat  Check:)
-Do well at Indpls Christmas Toy and Hobby Show  Sold 22:)  VERY Happy with that total!!
-Pay B  Not yet...
-Start making payments for cover artist and editors for Kira and Heart Song
-Finish Ghost Story.
-Mail Secret Project #1

Nov. Reading Schedule:
Serpent's Shadow-Rick Riordan  Read 1st half....

All That Remains-SM Shade  Read Bk #1 and am 2 or 3 chapters into Bk #2.
Betrayal-Aleatha Rom

Karaoke Songs:
We Are Family-Sister Sledge  Not too bad:)
Forever-Kiss  Nailed it!
We Are The Champions-Queen  Did well:)  WTG Cubs winning the World Series!!!!

We Are The world-USA For Africa  Don't think it was TOO bad...
Except For Monday-Lorrie Morgan  Bleh...
We Are Young-Fun  Let's just say I'm very thankful people were drunk by the time I got up and did this?!?!?!?

Saturday (I can only do two Saturdays this month):
Love Can Build A Bridge-Judds  Think it was okay....
Love Child-Diana Ross and Supremes  Did well except for ending
Love Hurts-Nazareth  Nailed it!

Love In Any Language-Sandi Patti  DNH
Love Is A Battlefield-Pat Benetar  Not too bad, but not keeping it.
Love Is A Stranger-Eurythmics  Bleh....
Love Is Like A Rock-Donnie Iris  DNH

Friday, October 28, 2016

Flashback Friday: Connections

Oct 2006:
Forgot to mention; back in August I found out about a monthly writer's meeting at Starbucks in Martinsville, and the spouse didn't object when I asked him about it, so I went.  And promptly found out I was considered 'royalty', because I had a published book.  The leader of the group, TD, was also published, while the others weren't.  The group was interested in my efforts, and we did a 5 minute writing prompt, so I left, encouraged that I'd found kindred souls.

In Sept, I was the only one who showed up besides two others, so we simply talked.  In Oct, I had to tell the group we were moving, and TD and I exchanged email addresses.

One Final Effort To Stay....
I gave up on finding a house and looked into a 3 BRM apartment.  I found one that might work, and drove back to tell D.  The next day, we went to see it, but he overshot the parking area, and we ended up driving by the office with it's large 'OPEN' sign.  We drove around the complex, parked, said a prayer that this might be our answer, walked up to the door, and 'CLOSED' was on the door.  We took that as a sign for 'No', so drove home and resigned our fate to moving to his mother's house.

I called the U-Haul place and reserved a truck; however, he didn't have the size we wanted, but agreed to give us the larger one for the same price.

Friends showed up on Saturday to help us pack the truck; Sunday after an emotional church service, we finished loading up the van and drove the two hours to Vincennes.  Dad came down the next day and paid the 1st month's rent on a storage unit, then after unloading and returning the truck, he took us to lunch.  Later that day, we headed back to the house for another load and to spend the night and watch Heroes at a neighbor's house.  D went to work, while the kids and I packed more stuff.  We waiting until school let out, so they could say goodbye to their friends, and we headed back down here.  We arrived just in time to stuff W into his costume and take him out to see Grandma, plus around the block and pass out what Halloween candy we had before unpacking the car and falling into bed.

Next Month:  Making the Most Of A Bad Situation.

Present Day:
We've moved over a few LRM tables and some smaller items to the new house!  Just waiting on the new stove and dryer (both gas) to be delivered.  SU also repaired the water hook up to the water heater, so now we finally have hot water:)  The gas fittings to the stove and dryer are in place; as soon as those items are in place, we can start moving things over.

We also donated at least 15 bags of stuffed animals, clothing, and other items to St. Vincent de Paul store, and as soon as we can begin clearing out the storage unit, more will follow.

What's My Halloween Costume This Year?
Found my cheetah/leopard print sweater, so will wear it with black leggings, a tail, and duct-taped ears ala 'Deaf' Leopard:)  Or, it that's not your reference point, I'll simply be a 'Cheetah Girl'.  If you don't remember either of those.....well, then remember I'm 50 years old.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Flashback Friday: New Job:)

Oct 1996:
I received a phone call from an old neighbor friend, asking if I was interested in watching twin boys for half a day every day.  I talked it over with the spouse, and we agreed to meet the boys and the mother, and see if it would be a good 'fit'.

K and DB turned out to be the same age as my K, and the three boys seemed to get along, plus their mom had a steady job and the pay would be steady.  We said yes.

We went to the complex Halloween party for the 1st time, with S dressed as the family rabbit, while K was Tigger.  When we arrived home, I was filming the kids and told S to turn her bag around so I could see the logo.  To our surprise, she turned herself completely around, causing us to laugh!

Next Month:  Homecoming!

Present Day:
We've got the kitchen move-in ready, with the exception of a gas stove and gas dryer, plus the living room is move-in ready.  Today we're putting the 2nd coat on the dining room, and painting the hallway.  I also have to paint the cabinet in our bathroom and find new curtains, plus work on the medicine cabinet or replace it.

The girls' room is finished, and I think the boys' room is too.

No karaoke last night, since the bar was replacing the flooring behind the bar.

The reboot of Rocky Horror Picture Show was....interesting.  Of course, it's been over 20 years since I've seen the original, and wanted to fast-forward through some of the songs (I was beginning to fall asleep!).  But over all, they stuck to the basics and didn't change much, thankfully!  LOVED the fact Tim Curry was well enough to play the part of the narrator!!!!

Granddaughter is off to the dentist for a follow-up check up on her oral surgery three weeks ago.  I'm also not too happy with the girls:  They were going through the hiring process at Schott, had even switched to OVERNIGHT shift, but when they took their whiz quiz, results came back 'slightly positive', so both were fired.  They claim they've not smoked weed in over 6 weeks, so I still think they should appeal it as a 'false positive', but no....they've quietly accepted their fate.  I'm so furious I can hardly see straight.  I just have to keep reminding myself it's THEIR problem, not mine.

Saturday Karaoke Line Up:
Losing My Religion-REM
Lost In Emotion-Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill
Lost In Love-Air Supply

Temps are dropping once again, and we've had rain two days in a row.  Hopefully for Sunday's Eucharistic Procession, we'll have good weather!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Flashback Friday: Mistakes Keep Coming.....

Oct 1986:
I like to think my downward spiral occurred in January 1987, but in truth, it began this month.  I was practically living with JF every weekends, and this was causing friction between my roommates, who didn't like my new-found 'independence'.  In fact the only thing I did RIGHT was when another girl began bad-mouthing me behind my back, and BJG threatened to beat the stuffing out of her.  I talked her out of it, explaining that when the girl decided to be ADULT about her issues with me and confront ME, then I'D handle it.  And soon she did.  Turned out, she thought my friendship with her BFF's boyfriend was infringing on their relationship, while nothing could have been farther from the truth!  I told her that yes, TH and I had known each other over the summer, but that I was now in a relationship with JF.  THAT took the wind out of her sails, and she apologized for everything she'd said.

Next, while over at JF's, some friends came over and we decided to play Trivial Pursuit, and partner up girls vs boys.  My partner and I were about to win the game with the question in sports..."What sport has hairpin turns?'  I was thrilled; I knew the answer:  Race car driving.  But my partner disagreed with 'horse racing'.  We argued back and forth; finally, I conceded, but stated 'even though she's wrong.'  Sure enough, when the answer was revealed, the three of them all asked me repeatedly why I'd given in.

"To keep the peace and advance the game!"

When Dad's Weekend arrived, he was NOT happy when he met JF.  I fudged things a bit; I said I was having issues with my roommates and that he'd let me crash on his couch a couple of times.  Dad made me promise not to do that anymore; if I needed a night away, to get a motel room.

Chubby Checker performed the show, but I was stressed out and skipped it.  EY was called up on stage to dance!

JF and I had a mutual friend, NL, whom I'd met the year before.  One night, N came over and the men smoked a little weed, which made me sleepy by being in the same room (I didn't know you could get high off of 2nd hand smoke!).  Afterward, I drove N home, but since I could barely keep my eyes open, N invited me to sleep over.  I accepted.....and the unthinkable happened.  Just because neither of us could sleep until afterward.

The final disaster occurred on Halloween.  I was fending off the advances of DW when my phone rang.  It was the AF officer, who had finally come to his senses.

"What happened with Cherie?"

"I shipped that bitch back on a bus to where she came from.  You were right after all; can you ever forgive me?"

I remained firm and told him that if he wanted me back, it was going to take a lot of doing on his part.  We hung up with him agreeing to my terms and me still being skeptical.  I then hung up and did the happy dance.....right back into DW's arms.

Afterward, I felt horrible.  DW, his girlfriend, and I had had a running joke about me being his 'other woman' for several weeks, since Liz didn't dance, so I would 'borrow' him every Tuesday night.  We finished getting dressed to go to the Halloween party, and I prayed JF wouldn't find out about it.

I was slightly pissed about halfway through the night, when a girl dressed as Scarlet O'Hara showed up, and J paid more attention to her than he did me.  I'd tried to get my dad to bring my formal, so I could go as J's favorite character, but he'd forgotten, and Mom had refused to let me rent one for the night.  After the party, we returned to his trailer, then the next day, I think I had planned some things with my roommates.

That evening, however, he picked me up and we sat in his car as he broke up with me.  Turned out he'd done a line in the bathroom with DW, who decided to declare "Damn she's good in bed!"

I was furious, and tried to explain what had happened, but to no avail.  It was over.  Numb, I climbed out of the car and walked slowly to my dorm room and crawled into bed, sobbing.

Next Month:  Good Friends, Good Intentions

Present Day:
We've got the kitchen nearly finished!  I'm still trying to get the floor cleaned, and to find some contact paper for the shelves.  The dining room has paint around the door frames and window; today we're doing the same to the living room.  This weekend, when the granddaughter is at her dad's, then we'll paint the walls.

Good news:  Daughter and Reagan have been hired!!
Bad news:  They're moving to 3rd shift.  There oughta be a law against single moms working overnights, IMHO!!!

Tomorrow's Karaoke:  Bon Jovi Night!